Testimonial from Umberto

Sandra has been coaching me since May 2017. I had been lifting on and off
for a few years prior to that, but I had never competed and I was looking
to get some proper instruction/coaching prior to doing so. I had pretty
good form but I knew that there was a lot of room for improvement. Since I
started with training with Sandra my form has improved significantly, which
has resulted in all of my lifts increasing. I would highly recommend Sandra
to anyone, whether you've never lifted before or you have experience and
are looking to improve. Sandra excels at identifying where your form needs
improvement, and at teaching you the cues and technique that you need.
Sandra has the long term vision that you need from a coach/trainer; she
emphasizes doing things the right way and building the solid foundation
that you need. Sandra teaches you how to do things the right way and to
constantly think about, and improve your form. I cannot recommend her

Bryce KrawczykComment