Testimonial from Simone

It sounds dramatic, but I say it over and over again - training with Sandra
has changed my life.

I was looking to get into powerlifting in early 2017 and had emailed around
to a few different coaches. Sandra offered to meet with me one and one for
an assessment and to discuss goals and show me the gym. I walked in that
first day nervous and unsure of what to expect - I had been going to
commercial gyms for over 4 years at that point but had never trained in a
strength gym.

Sandra met me at the door, and from the moment I shook her hand I knew this
was my coach. She was soft spoken but direct, encouraging but asked for
your full effort, knowledgable but able to translate things into laymen's
terms. I left wanting more.

Over the course of 9 months, Sandra has helped me gain confidence under the
bar and took me through my first prep for my first powerlifting meet. She
has been able to tweak (or in some cases completely change) my form in
order to get the best work out of the body I have and has helped me put
almost 200 lb on my total. She is always available if you have questions,
and she genuinely wants to help you find a solution.

Sandra's passion for teaching and helping others live their best life
pushes all of those around her to be better. I have gained so much strength
and technique over the course of 9 months, but the lessons Sandra has
taught me have made me a better person outside of the gym as well. I wanted
a coach who would help me enter the world of powerlifting, but I got so
much more than that. I got a coach who showed me how my physical strengths
transpire as mental strengths in my every day life.

Bryce KrawczykComment