Testimonial from Kathleen

I have been an avid gym goer for years and athletic my whole life. I enjoyed the gym and became interested in power lifting. I began training on my own, but struggled somewhat with form. One day I had a email from Meet Up, titled power lifting for beginners. I though this is exactly what I need. I met with Sandra from Calgary Barbell. She was so welcoming and kind my first day with her. I really enjoyed her going over technique and form for all 3 lifts.
I began training with Sandra shortly after our initial meeting. I always look forward to training with her. Sandra is so kind, passionate, positive, and genuinely interested in your progress and well being. Her personality defiantly rubs off - one of the perks of training with her. I am instantly in a better mood after training.
We have been training 3 times a week, focusing on one lift each day. Every day the training is a little different, learning new exercises and always pushing me which I really enjoy. When I was training on my own I was intense but I would stop at say 3 or 8 reps, not thinking I could do more. Sandra has pushed me to realize I am capable of more.
I enjoy the structure of the training - in the beginning focusing on form and slowly increasing weight, to plan for success inside and outside of the gym.
I started training with Sandra wanting to improve my form and increase the weight in each lift, which I have. On top of that I have also noticed new muscles, learned more about mobility, felt better about myself and found a new love for lifting.
Thank you Sandra, keep up all the great work you do.

Bryce KrawczykComment