Testimonial from Jessy

There are not a lot of words that can explain Sandra… she is just that
amazing. I have been training with Sandra for 7 months and in those 7 short
months she has taught me more about myself than I ever knew. She is not
only a coach but she is a friend, a teacher, a physiotherapist and one of
the greatest mentors anyone could ever ask for.  She’s helped ignite a
passion and a drive inside of me for the sport of powerlifting. The
discipline that I’ve learned from Sandra has helped me in so many other
aspects of my life. She’s been beside me through my ups and downs, the
entire time encouraging me to never stop trying to be the best I can be.
She unknowingly inspires me to be not only a better power lifter but also a
better person.  She motivates me through her own journey of
self-discovery.  I owe so much to Sandra; she has helped me realize my true
strength. I have come to enjoy every session with Sandra even when she is
pushing me far beyond what I ever thought was capable. It is an honor to be
coached by this wonderful woman.

Bryce KrawczykComment