Testimonial from Jen

I was on the hunt for a Powerlifting Coach when I found Sandra with Calgary
Barbell. I clicked with Sandra immediately - she is a compassionate,
driven, and a down-to-earth person & coach.

Not only is Sandra very skilled with lifting & Strongman techniques, she
also has this sixth sense to help her clients tune in to their weaknesses -
for me, it has been finding my glutes and my back (turns out you use those
suckers on every single lift you can fathom). Sandra coached me to my first
Powerlifting meet where I took home 1st place in my age group!

I can't wait to meet with Sandra each week. She pushes me to push myself
and work hard - while we still have fun & laugh. Sandra's coaching style is
authentic and inspiring. I highly recommend Sandra to lifters of all skill

Bryce KrawczykComment