Testimonial from Craig

What is Training? Training to me is more than a pursuit of picking things up and putting them down. It’s the struggle, the grind, the active pursuit of being better than I was the day before.

Being such a simple endeavour, I thought for years that I could teach myself how to build a strong body. It worked for awhile until I hit a major plateau. Almost loosing total interest and falling from the path, with hesitation, I set out to find a coach.

Enter Sandra Cappon. From the first session I had with Sandra, I knew she was the right coach for me. She doesn’t pull punches and gives you the raw goods on what it will take to build a better you. Over the past three months I’ve had the pleasure and honour to train with Sandra. She has corrected a majority of the mechanical flaws with my lifts, and has helped me push past plateaus I could of never imagined. Beyond her professional prowess, Sandra brings all of her personality to the table, making every session as enjoyable as the last. She is the real deal. I am grateful to have a coach like Sandra. She makes me a better person.

With a renewed vigor, I will continue training with Sandra. Not only have my lifts gone up, but my interest and drive to train has too.

Bryce KrawczykComment