Testimonial from Ainsley

*I started working with Sandra in February 2017, a short 9 months ago. I
was always one to be in the gym on a regular basis as I played a high level
of hockey most of my life; however, powerlifting was a whole new can of
worms for me. Although I had a foundation for lifting weights and an idea
of what powerlifting was through my brother, Sandra opened my eyes to
exactly what it was. I quickly realized the complexity of powerlifting and
how humbling this sport really is (it’s not a matter of lifting things up
and putting them back down again). Sandra has helped me through both the
physical and mental strains powerlifting has caused me as well as how to
overcome these strains. She has a great deal of knowledge in relation to
body mechanics and mobility exercises that relieve pain, stress and
tension.  *

*After my fist session with Sandra, I was hooked; I thought to myself, “why
didn’t’ I start this years ago?” I remember a specific time, when Sandra
asked if I have ever lifted a log before. Before I knew it, she had me
lifting this awkward, heavy, metal monstrosity over my head.  I became very
intrigued with not only powerlifting but the strongman sport as well and I
am proud to say, this last year I completed in my first (three) strongman

*Sandra is an excellent coach not only because she is incredibly
knowledgeable in strength sports but you can also tell she truly cares
about your success in the sport. She always checks in with me to see how my
training is progressing and always interested in how I am feeling both
physically and mentally. She is always there for me when I need a pep talk
whenever I am feeling stressed or down and always knows what to say to help
me get back on track. *

*I competed in my first powerlifting meet at the end of September and I
couldn’t have done it without her. She prepared me both mentally and
physically with consistent programming. I went in to that meet feeling
confident and ready to rock the platform for the first time. *

*Having Sandra as a coach has given me so much positivity in my life that I
not only apply throughout my training but to my everyday life as well. She
has made going to the gym a whole new kind of fun. Powerlifting has changed
who I am as a person and I thank Sandra for that. I honestly and
wholeheartedly enjoy being one of Sandra’s athletes; not only did I gain
some awesome PRs, but I gained an outstanding friend as well.  *

Bryce KrawczykComment