Testimonial from Kathleen

I started training with Sandra wanting to improve my form and increase the weight in each lift, which I have. On top of that I have also noticed new muscles, learned more about mobility, felt better about myself and found a new love for lifting.

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Testimonial from Arthur

Sandra is an amazing personal trainer and mentor, and of course an even more amazing person! She is super attentive, caring and observant with everything, from your form to how you’re feeling mentally and physically.

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Testimonial from Kyle

I competed in my first amateur strongman competion and was able to get 3rd. I would have never been able to do this without Sandra. If you're looking to compete,  just get in better shape or even just to try something new I highly recommend Sandra at Calgary Barbell. You won't regret it!

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Testimonial from Craig

Enter Sandra Cappon. From the first session I had with Sandra, I knew she was the right coach for me. She doesn’t pull punches and gives you the raw goods on what it will take to build a better you. Over the past three months I’ve had the pleasure and honour to train with Sandra. She has corrected a majority of the mechanical flaws with my lifts, and has helped me push past plateaus I could of never imagined.

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Testimonial from Jen

I can't wait to meet with Sandra each week. She pushes me to push myself
and work hard - while we still have fun & laugh. Sandra's coaching style is
authentic and inspiring. I highly recommend Sandra to lifters of all skill

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Testimonial from Collin

I would recommend Sandra to
anyone who wants to grow as a lifter and/or as a person. Her enthusiasm for
fitness for life is unrivaled. She has made a tremendous impact in my life
both my gym goals and my growth as a person.

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Testimonial from Ainsley

Sandra is an excellent coach not only because she is incredibly
knowledgeable in strength sports but you can also tell she truly cares
about your success in the sport. She always checks in with me to see how my
training is progressing and always interested in how I am feeling both
physically and mentally. She is always there for me when I need a pep talk
whenever I am feeling stressed or down and always knows what to say to help
me get back on track.

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Testimonial from Umberto

Sandra excels at identifying where your form needs
improvement, and at teaching you the cues and technique that you need.
Sandra has the long term vision that you need from a coach/trainer; she
emphasizes doing things the right way and building the solid foundation
that you need. Sandra teaches you how to do things the right way and to
constantly think about, and improve your form. I cannot recommend her

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Testimonial from Kevin

I received my introduction to strength training at a Crossfit gym.  From
that introduction I knew I wanted to learn more about the barbell movements.

To avoid unnecessary injuries and stalls, I wanted a coach to show me the
correct application of barbell techniques.

I found a Strength gym around the corner and they recommended Sandra, the
rest is history.

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Testimonial from Jessy

She’s helped ignite a
passion and a drive inside of me for the sport of powerlifting. The
discipline that I’ve learned from Sandra has helped me in so many other
aspects of my life. She’s been beside me through my ups and downs, the
entire time encouraging me to never stop trying to be the best I can be.

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Testimonial from Martine

By meeting me
where I was in terms of fitness, Sandra adapted our training sessions by
incorporating my strengths and  gently improving my weaknesses. Her tips on
mobility work are excellent and her dedication is clear. Sandra is fun,
committed and motivating. I cannot recommend her enough!

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Testimonial from Simone

Over the course of 9 months, Sandra has helped me gain confidence under the
bar and took me through my first prep for my first powerlifting meet. She
has been able to tweak (or in some cases completely change) my form in
order to get the best work out of the body I have and has helped me put
almost 200 lb on my total. She is always available if you have questions,
and she genuinely wants to help you find a solution.

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