Photo Credit: Ryan Stinn


Calgary Barbell is a powerlifting coaching and education platform.  One of our main goals is to provide top-tier, individualized coaching for a wide array of athletes, ranging from elite-level powerlifters to those just looking to learn the barbell lifts to improve their quality of life.  We achieve this using not only expert online coaching, but in-person training and other services, such as our form checks and extensive program library. 

Our other goal is to increase the average knowledge base of powerlifters and strength sports enthusiasts, as well as their ability to move and lift with technical proficiency.  We do this by providing well-made, entertaining, and educational content via our YouTube channel. 

Calgary Barbell and our coaches pride ourselves on only supporting and promoting techniques, practices, research, programs, and other companies that we believe have something to offer our lifters.  If we don’t believe in it, we will say so.  Our direction as coaches and as a company is dictated by our firm belief in only those things that actually make a positive impact on those we are here to help.