Sandra cappon

Who is sandra?

Sandra is a personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, lover of the outdoors and mother to two teenaged boys. She is passionate about health and strength training in all its forms - mental, emotional and physical. Sandra believes our bodies are the physical foundation on which everything else is built: if they're strong, so can everything else be. Sandra's goal is to take the awkwardness and intimidation out of lifting heavy, particularly for those who don't think it's for them, specifically women, beginners, and ageing populations. She wants people to experience their best lives and rediscover the joy of living inside a body that moves with ease, vitality, strength and confidence.

 Sandra received her personal training certification in 2013 from ACE-American Council of Exercise and began working at World Health Club. Within a year she was the #1 trainer at the facility and ranked 12th company-wide (across approximately 10 facilities). In 2015 she was #1 again at her home gym and 10th company wide. Sandra has taken training in kettlebell, TRX, mobility, core, rowing and movement assessment, along with life coaching and rehab. She employs all of these tools in designing programs unique to each individual she works with.

Since joining Calgary Barbell is 2016, Sandra has helped many achieve their goals on and off the competitive platform of powerlifting. Most recently, Sandra joined the Lift4Life volunteer team as they travelled to Zimbabwe.There, the team was able to share the power of powerlifting within several communities in the capital of Harare. Here and abroad, she is committed to the belief that lifting creates better lives.

If you want to live your best life, where age and ability are no longer barriers to energy and muscle,  Sandra is your girl!