Bryce Krawczyk

Bryce is an IPF World Medalist, 3-time CPU National Champion, and  2X Open World Record holder.  Bryce has worked with powerlifters from a local level, all the way to competitors at IPF World Championships.  Bryce is available for online and one-on-one and small group coaching in Calgary.

Sandra Cappon

Sandra is a competitive Powerlifter with a passion for helping people take their first steps into the world of strength training.  Sandra  has been working with athletes and the general population for over four years now.  Sandra is available for in-person and small group coaching in Calgary.

Taylor Shadgett

Taylor Shadgett has an extensive background in sports as both a CIS Athlete and Coach at Acadia University and as a national level powerlifter, coach, and provincial level 2 referee.  He has worked with all levels of athlete across sports, and has 7 years of coaching and strength and conditioning under his belt.  Taylor is available for online coaching, or in-person coaching in Barrie, Ontario.

Connor lutz

Connor comes to Calgary Barbell with a comprehensive sporting history, playing 4 years of CIS Football before committing his passion for competition to the sport of powerlifting.  Connor combines his athletic experience and a desire for self-improvement with a BSc. Kinesiology to provide a comprehensive coaching experience to his clients.  Connor is available for online coaching.

Danielle reid-clavelle

Danielle is a competitive National level Powerlifter and coach as well as Provincial Referee. She loves helping beginners get into lifting safely and effectively while also helping experienced lifters increase their totals and get competition ready. Danielle is available for online coaching as well as in person training in Calgary.