Testimonial from Rhi and Evan

I have never met Dani in person but she has had a huge impact on my life.

My husband and I are both 37 years old with 2 small children and busy jobs. I was having a hard time losing the weight from my second pregnancy even though I was trying to eat well and working out some. My husband was working out regularly but wasn't seeing all the results he wanted.

We contacted Dani in September to get meal plans from her and agreed upon weekly email check ins. My husband and I quickly learned that we previously weren't eating enough food throughout the day and weren't eating the right kinds of food.

Fast forward three months and both my husband and I have lost over 20 pounds each, gained muscle, but most importantly we feel fantastic. The meal plan wasn't hard to follow and I was shocked with how much better I felt both physically and mentally.

I highly recommend Dani; she has made a huge change in our lives. We recently went on vacation and for the first time in years I was comfortable in my bathing suit. I am very thankful for all her help!

Bryce KrawczykComment