Testimonial from Rebecca

I started lifting with Danii in Nov 2017 because I had seen a plateau in my training and was frustrated. I had seen Danii around the gym with her clients and I had been following her personal fitness journey so I knew she had the ability to help me improve in the areas I wanted. I quickly saw huge progression in the gym, specifically bench, squat and deadlift, after working with Danii for only a short time. By January 2018 Danii was doing 100% of my programming, including days we weren’t training together, and this is when I began to see even more improvements. I was hitting PRs weekly and it was because I was working with someone so knowledgeable and passionate about training and someone who knew how to tailor a program to my specific needs. In 8 months of training with Danii I had added over 100lbs to my squat and deadlift and I also competed in my first powerlifting meet where I qualified for westerns and Nationals at my first meet. Now I work with Danii as an online coach, and apart from no longer training with her in person, nothing has changed. Through videos and check ins she is able to continue to coach me and help me train for my next meet. Having Danii as a coach has been so beneficial and I have grown so much as an athlete in a very short time.

Bryce KrawczykComment