Dani clavelle

Who is dani?

Danielle Clavelle is a Canadian Powerlifter who has quickly achieved an elite level total at 455kg and a 429 Wilks. Danielle first started Powerlifting in 2016 to overcome mental health challenges and a nine year eating disorder, in order to rebuild herself spiritually, mentally and physically. In 2015 Danielle became a Personal Trainer at GoodLife where she quickly became the #1 trainer in her club, region and Top 1000 in all of Canada. Danielle quickly realized how much the barbell empowered her and changed her life and became passionate to share with others. Danielle’s passion and own success was lighting fires with her clients, she was working with people from age 14-90 and helping them achieve what they thought they never could .

Danielle believes in empowering her clients with education so they can lift for life and has helped them achieve a wide range of goals within and outside of powerlifting. Danielle has studied with the RTS Classroom to become a better powerlifter and coach, as well as become a provincial referee for the CPU, and a CPU Certified Coach. She has additional certifications with Precision Nutrition, CanFit Pro, Human Kinetics, and Neuro Kinetic Therapy and plans to go back to school to study Physical Literacy and Athletic Therapy.

Danielle is a strong advocate that lifting gives us all the confidence to pursue things we never thought we could and has seen physical strength change many lives in and out of the gym. Dani’s new found confidence and strength has lead to other hobbies such as rock climbing indoors and outdoors, bouldering, Olympic lifting, hula hooping, hiking and strong woman training. She hopes to help you find your strengths, weaknesses and passions so you can truly live your best life and feel confident doing so.