Learning Lifting PM (2)

Learning Lifting PM (2)


Learning lifting is back for the summer! It was such a hit last time that Dani is going to be offering a third, PM-based group!

What is Learning Lifting? Well, it’s a small group training program - led by two experienced powerlifting coaches - geared towards novice and intermediate lifters. Because it’s a group program, this means it’s also very affordable - you’re paying $18.25 per session! And that price includes your programming.

In Learning Lifting, we’ll give you an initial program to run for the duration of the classes, and then when you come in for the group meet-up, you will work on whatever day of the program you’re on. Our coaches can also modify the programming to suit your specific needs, to ensure an appropriate degree of individualization.

Details - the program is 6 weeks in duration and runs from August 19 to September 27. The classes are Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:45pm. The class size is 5 people max.

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